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I have published product badges but they are not appearing on my store
How will adding a new theme effect the playbooks that I have published from ModeMagic?
Do active automations get updated automatically?
How can I book a Store Conversion audit?
I am unable to access the playbook which I activated.
How can I add badges to all product images using an automation?
How can I add trust packs on different positions on the Home Page and the Product Pages?
How can I request for a refund?
I want some changes in the template that I am using. How can I request for such changes?
I am selling on different marketplaces. I want ModeMagic to only take the the relevant e-commerce platform's online orders into consideration.
I want to publish the announcement banner only on specific pages.
My store set up doesn't include inventory tracking. Will it impact the playbooks which I will publish from ModeMagic?
Does ModeMagic interfere with other apps on my website?
Does the website load speed get affected due to ModeMagic?
What is the difference between FBT and Product bundles? Can we do both?
How do I track how ModeMagic is helping with my store's conversions?
Does the Quiz support GIFs/videos? How many product recommendations can we do in the quiz?
Where can I see my billings of Modemagic?
Can I integrate Spin the Wheel and the Product Finder quiz with my Email/WhatsApp marketing tool?
Can I have custom probabilities of the offers in Spin the Wheel playbook?
How many products can I add in a Product Bundle?
What is the logic behind the Frequently Bought Together playbook?
What is the logic behind the Smart Price Drop playbook?
Can I exclude certain products from Abandoned Cart/ Smart Price Drop?
Can an Announcement Banner redirect to a certain page? Can I schedule announcement banners?
Custom Product Recommender - details needed by Mason's Product Support team to setup your custom quiz