How can I set up the Spin the Wheel playbook?
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  1. From the Home Page of the ModeMagic app, click on Apps

  2. Select Spin the Wheel

  3. Select the template of your choice, from Templates

  4. Under Settings, select the number of sections you want in the wheel

  5. Click on Enable Weights toggle, if you want to assign probabilities to the sections. If the toggle is off, then all sections will have the same probability

  6. Select each section and add the Label (copy line), Weight (if you have Enabled Weights), Coupon Code, and the Color of the section on the wheel.

  7. Click on Widget Background followed by Design to make the necessary customizations according to your store's theme.

  8. Select each device type to view & make the necessary customizations

  9. From the top right corner of the screen, select the Frequency according to which the Spin the Wheel appear on your store

  10. Select the pages under Display Settings on which you'd like the Spin wheel to appear in your store. The Position of the Spin the Wheel is set up by default and needn't be modified.

  11. Click on Add to Store on the bottom right corner of the screen to enable the Spin the Wheel on your store

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