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How to capture Customer intent to increase store engagement?
How can I interactively recommend products to customers?
How can I interactively recommend products to customers?
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The best way to recommend products to customers based on their interests is by using a Product Recommender Quiz.

If you'd like to set up a Product Recommender Quiz on your store, do reach out to us.

Our team will design a quiz after understanding your customers, and their buying patterns, your bestsellers, and according to your store's theme. A quiz is a custom feature that we will build out, especially for your store. We will be able to give the timelines of the same after understanding your requirements thoroughly.

1. From the Home Page of the ModeMagic app, click on Apps

2. Select Quiz Recommendations

Refer to this article to understand all the details that we would need to set up the Quiz on your store-

Custom Product Recommender - details needed by Mason's Product Support team to setup your custom quiz

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