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How to boost AOV with curated Bundles?
How can I nudge customers to buy products in bulk?
How can I nudge customers to buy products in bulk?

Learn to set up the Bulk Buy Playbook

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Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up the Bulk Buy playbook.

  • Once the Bulk Buy playbook is activated in your store, it will directly add the no. of products- let's say 2 products at checkout and allow the customer to get the discount on purchasing more quantity of the same product.

  • The customer is directly led to the checkout page when they click on the “Add to Cart” CTA on the widget

  1. Click on "Apps" on the home page of the ModeMagic app

  2. Select "Bulk buy" app

  3. Select the template of your choice. The first template includes product variants and the second template doesn't

  4. Under "Settings", select the products that you want to include in the playbook

  5. Under "Bars" select the no. of units and the fixed or percentage discount that you'd like to offer

  6. Under "Design" and "Styles" select each layer to make corresponding edits

  7. Click on each device type to customise and view the changes in the preview

  8. From the top right, set up the "floating" or "fixed" position of the widget. Bulk Buy will only appear on those product pages that have been selected

  9. Click on "Add to Store" on the bottom right corner of the screen

  10. Once the widget is active, it will be visible under "Active". You can pause an active widget by clicking on the "Pause Icon" or remove the widget by clicking on "Remove".

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