Follow these steps to set up the Clearance Sale Automation:

  1. On the home page click on Campaign to your left and choose the Clearance Sale option on the right.

  2. Now click on the first drop-down menu and select Products with Matching Tags. Add the tag of the products on which you want to apply the Clearance Sale Automation.

  3. Next, choose the Days where you can choose the number of days the inverted stock is older than, 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days.

  4. Now select if the InventoryTotalMinThreshold is 5 or 10 and click on Update Rule.

  5. Next click on the third drop-down menu and select Create Discount Code. Add a Discount Code, Discount value, and Eligible for Orders with the Minimum Units. Now click on Generate Code.

    For Discount Value, you can choose between the percentage and the fixed amount which is in $, by clicking on the corresponding drop-down menu.

  6. For Eligible for Orders with the Minimum Units you choose between the number of items, which is in units, and the purchase amount, which is in $, by clicking on the corresponding drop-down menu.

    Click on the third drop-down menu, and select Create New Collection. Add a title, description, and a collection image. Now click on Save Collection. This creates a collection of the products on which the Clearance Sale Automation will be applied.

  7. Now click on Change Badge. From here you can choose from a variety of Dynamic Badges that auto highlight the discount of the products.

  8. And once it is done go ahead, and click on Activate Clearance Sale in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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