💡Flash Sales generate an average of 35% lift in transaction-to-click rates

Why should you set up a Flash Sale?

👉 Helps convert first-time website visitors to buyers

👉 Increase in purchase intent of customers, leading to higher revenue

👉 Drive demand for both your popular & unpopular SKUs

Set up your Flash Sale in 3 Simple Steps 🚀

  1. Let's start with setting up your Discount Sale- You can find it under Conversions on your home page. Add the discount code, and product tag, and optionally add these products to a collection.

  2. You can apply a countdown banner to create FOMO. Click on Store on the app’s home page. Add the start date, start time, end date & end time. Now customize the banner & hit Apply.

  3. For the final step, let's recommend your favourite on-sale products to your customers & increase purchase intent. Click on Apps & select Recommended Products. Select the products that you want to recommend, and click on the data icon to let ModeMagic dynamically pick the product data. Customize the widget & add it to your store.

    Your store is all set!

    For further queries, please ping us in the in-app Help chat or write to us at [email protected]

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