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What is ModeMagic?
Getting Started with ModeMagic
Getting Started with ModeMagic

Here's how your roadmap to getting started with ModeMagic

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Run a High Converting e-commerce Store - On Autopilot

ModeMagic is an all-in-one store conversion kit that helps you run flash sales, clearance sales, % off discounts, stock & inventory updates, announcements, product bundles +more.

It also helps you showcase the latest bestsellers, launch new arrivals, and run site-wide announcements without needing a developer or designer.

ModeMagic's Getting Started Roadmap

What do you want to do?

Which feature should you use?

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Upsell & Cross-sell products


Highlight products with badges


Highlight products with badges automatically


Establish Customer Trust

Trust Packs

Highlight product features

Product Feature Cards

Make store-wide announcements

Announcement Banners

Make product-specific announcements

Product Banners

Track & Optimize Conversion Rates

Performance Insights


Make the best out of ModeMagic 3.0's features and convert more!

​For further queries, please ping us in the in-app Help chat or write to us at [email protected]

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