You can easily set up badges for products that are Out of Stock and for when they are Back in Stock automatically.

  1. Click on Apps to the left and click on Out of Stock >> Few Left >> In Stock Automation

  2. Click on Out of Stock and click on Design and Change Badge to choose a badge according to your choice. This badge will be applied to the products when they are Out of Stock.

  3. Then click on Few Left and under Settings set up the stock level for which you want the Few Left badge to be displayed. For instance, this badge will be displayed when the stock level is between 10 to 15.

  4. Then click on In Stock. Under Settings Set up the stock level for which the In Stock badges will be applicable. For instance, here, this badge will be applied when the stock level is between 15 to 20.

  5. Once you have set this up go to the bottom right corner of the screen and click on Activate Time to Ship.

    Steps to follow for any changes to reflect in ongoing automation:
    Stop the automation -> Make changes -> Restart it

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