How to select placements in Automations?

You can change placements in already running automations. Learn how!

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On ModeMagic, users can select page options for automations. The following placement options are available for the application of badges:

  • Home Page

  • Product Page

  • Collection Page

  • Pages

  • Combination of any of the above

  • All Placements

If you want to make changes in the placement of an already running automation, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the respective automation where you wish to modify the badge placements. Stop the automation by clicking on Stop at the bottom right corner of the screen

  2. The badges are reverted when the automation stops. Then repeat the same steps to navigate to the same automaton and now select the placements of your choice.

    All the automations can be found under > Apps & >Campaigns as seen on the left panel of the home screen.

  3. Then, activate the automation again by clicking on Activate Badges in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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