How can I set up the Discount Sale Automation?

Learn to set up a discount sale for specific collections using custom coupon codes, automatically

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The discount sale playbook allows you to get a sale promotion live in your store in less than a minute. You can add or create a new discount code, add the on-discount products to an existing or new collection and add badges to your on-discount products all in one go.

  1. On the home page click on Sales to your left and choose the Discount Sale option on the right.

  2. Once you're here, you can add a Discount Code, set the Discount Value in % or a fixed amount in $ for the respective sale, and also enable Eligible for Orders With the minimum number of units in units or purchase amount $ to be ordered by the customers to avail your discount. Click on Generate Code

  3. Add the Tag of the products on which you want to apply the discount sale

  4. You can add these on-discount products to existing collections or create a new collection by clicking on Create New Collection

  5. Add the title, description, and collection image for creating a new collection, and click on Save Collection

  6. Click on Change Badge under the Design tab to choose the badge for the on-discount products

  7. Click on the Activate add to Discount on the bottom right corner of your screen.

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