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Badges are appearing as broken images in the store.
Badges are appearing as broken images in the store.

Here's what you should do to resolve broken image of the badge

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If you see a broken image of the badge on your store and even after numerous reload, the badge is failing to show up then you might have deleted the ModeMagic theme from the store.

How to check if ModeMagic Theme is added to your store

Follow these steps-

  1. Go to your store's relevant e-commerce platform's 'Admin Panel'

  2. Go to Online Store

  3. Click on Themes

    Here, check for the theme named as ModeMagic badges_DO_NOT_DELETE

If the theme is not present in your store, please do the following.

Steps to follow to restore the badge

  1. Stop the current automation by Clicking on Stop Badges on the right side of the screen. Restart the same automation

  2. If you have applied the badge manually, please reapply the badge again.

Once automation is started, it will add the theme to the store and the badge will reflect your store.

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