To make sure that badges are applied on the right product, follow these 3 steps-

1) You can make sure that the right products are selected by the preview option

Once all products are selected-> Click on the arrow at bottom of the page-> Go through all images once again-> once confirmed click on update store.

2) You have to make sure all right variant is selected

Click on Pick Image to make sure you are selecting all right images for badge application

Click on Pick Image -> Select the variant you want -> Click on Back to Product on top of the page-> update the store

3) Automation can be live on the same product

Steps to Check for any automation live on the product-

For that click on automate at top of the page-> Check the right panel of the page for automation (If automation is live it will have a green symbol)-> if there's any automation live-> Click on it and check the right panel it will showcase all the products live on the automation.

For any further assistance, please ping us from the in-App Help Chat or write to us at [email protected]

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