What are Product Banners?

Learn about setting up a Product Banner

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What are Product Banners?

Product Banners are used to highlight features of products like Vegan, Organic, Handmade, etc. They are useful in raising awareness about the positives of the product and capturing customers’ attention. Product Banners usually feature above/below the primary call to action i.e. Buy now or Add to cart.

How to Setup Product Banners?

> Click on Store on the left panel of your home page & select Product Banners.

under the Banners section, you can see several templates of Product Banners.

Once you have selected the preferred banner,

  1. Click on Edit Banner, this will take you to the product banner editing mode

    To learn more about Setting & Saving a custom banner, refer to this help article-
    How can I set up & save a Custom Banner?

  2. Choose the products to which you want to apply the Product Banner from the right side of the screen. You can apply the product banner to all products in your store, all products in a particular collection, or manually select the products .

    To learn more about adding products to a collection, refer to this help article
    How can I activate a Product Banner based on a Collection?

    To learn more about setting up a banner position, refer to this help article
    How can I set up the Banner position?

  3. Click on Save to save the product banner. Click on Preview on the bottom right corner of the screen to preview the Product Banner

  4. Once done, click on Add Banner on the bottom right corner of the screen

  5. Once added to your store, you can find the active banner under
    Product Banners -> Active

How can I view my Saved Product Banners?

Once you have customized any of the banners from the available presets, you can view all your active/ previously used banners from the 'Saved' tab.

Product Banners -> Saved

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