What are Trust Badges and Trust Packs?

Learn how to apply Trust Packs to your store

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What are Trust Packs?

A Trust Pack is a collection of Trust Badges. You can directly select from the pre-designed packs or customize the Trust Pack from the All section which contains the collection of Trust Badges. Each Trust Pack can contain up to 10 Trust Badges.

What are Trust Badges?

Trust badges are badges that highlight Payment Methods, Guarantees, Secure Checkout, Free Shipping, Easy Returns, and Free Returns.

How to add a Trust pack to your store?

  1. Click on Store on the left side of your home page.

  2. Scroll down and click on Trust Packs

  3. Once you click on Trust Packs, you will land on the page as shown below.
    From here you can choose the existing template styles.

  4. Once you click on All you can pick the Trust Badges of your choice. A maximum of up to 10 badges can be added to a Trust Pack.

How to Customize Trust Packs?

Change the sequence of the Trust Badges in a Trust Pack

The sequence of the Trust badges within a Trust Pack can be customized. You can change the order by simply doing a drag-and-drop of the badges on the Trust Pack itself.

Change the size of the Trust Badges in a Trust Pack

The size of the trust badges can be changed by clicking on S, M, or L which denote Small, Medium, and Large respectively, below the Trust Pack canvas. You can also change the size further by using the Size Slider below the Trust Pack.

Change the heading of the Trust Pack

You can customize the text by directly clicking on the heading in the Trust Pack.

Trust Pack Position

The position of the Trust Pack is fixed. The Trust Pack appears below the Add to Cart CTA and is seen on all product pages.
If you have a custom width Add to Cart CTA, the Trust Pack auto-adjusts itself.

Preview the Trust Pack before updating your store

You can preview the Trust Pack by clicking on Preview in the bottom right corner of the screen. Once done, click on Update Store to activate the Trust Pack.

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