The new 'automate' feature on ModeMagic helps in auto-applying badges to products based on inventory and tags.
💠 Select the "Automate" button from the top center of the screen

Currently, we have 4 different options you can choose from:-

1. Low Stock This helps in auto-updating your products with a 'Few Left' badges when the product stock is less than 5 or 10.

2. Update Collection This option helps in auto-applying badges to products attached with a certain tag. for example, if you have multiple products with a Sale tag, you can easily auto-update these products with a Sale badge using this option.

3. Stock out The Stock out option helps in updating your products with badges when the product stock drops to zero.

4. New Arrival This option allows you to automatically apply badges to products that are added to your store in the last 7 or 15 or 30 days. You'll find all these options when you click on the 'automate' option on the bottom left corner of the page like this

5. Best seller This option will apply the "bestseller badges" on the products that are sold x no. of times in the last 6 months

6. Trending this option enables you to apply "trending" badge on the top 3 products across collection that are added to cart in the last x no. of days.

7. Coming soon >> New arrival This option will show "coming soon/new arrival" badge on new products with zero inventory added in last x no. of days.

8. Back in Stock This option will apply " Back in stock " badge on products that are back in stock in last 30 days.

9. On Sale This option will apply " Sale discount" badges on products where discount is created by (i) Compare at price or (ii) Price rule option.

In case you need further help, reach out to us via the in-app chat or drop an email to [email protected].

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