Yes- with the latest update on ModeMagic you can effectively highlight your product features by creating a product feature card that brings up the major aspects of your products at the fore.

To create a product feature card (PFC) here are the steps you need to follow:

1) Click on the 'How To' card button on the center of the screen, next to "Badges"

2) Once you've done that, go ahead and search for Feature Cards from the feature card templates, or click on the "Edit How to Use cards" .

Once you select on any one of the templates, you will be able to see the edit options for the feature on you screen.

On the left side panel, options are provided to change the product image, badges and the copy of the features.

Go ahead and explore with the background, fonts, products for the feature card

Click on "update store" button in green on the bottom right side on the screen

Once you click on the "Update Store" button ModeMagic will update your newly created Product Feature Card on your store .

This Notification will appear on your screen, when the Product Feature Card is added to you store.

Now sit back and enjoy the sale !

If you face any issues around this, please write to us at [email protected] and we'll get it resolved for you within minutes!

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