Yes- now you can highlight your most selling products, automatically!

Using ModeMagic's latest automation feature, you can highlight your Bestsellers with a sticker. The app will look for products sold a certain number of times in your Shopify store in the last 6 months to identify your bestsellers.

Once you click on the Automation tab just scroll down to the Bestsellers automation option,

💠 Select the "Automate" button from the top center of the screen

STEP 2 : Just scroll down to the Bestsellers automation option,

Here you can select what is the sale quantity you wish to set as a criteria to define bestsellers- eg. according to the above screenshot, the products which sold at least 10 units will have the badge up.

Once you've chosen the badge (by clicking on Change Badge) just click on the green Activate 'Bestseller Badges' button and you're done!

The badges will refresh at the frequency of 30 mins on your store.

If you're facing any doubts about this, just write to us at [email protected] we're here to help!

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