Yes indeed! Now you can refer and earn free credits, plan upgrades, and other premium subscription perks for no charge at all.

All you need to do is refer a store to sign up on ModeMagic- once the store installs the app, you get a perk!

Here's a hint on what you stand to earn from the referral:


What you need to do to a move

On referring, you become

What you earn

Level 1

Refer 1 user


Free 50 credits

Apply up to 50 badges for free

Level 2

Refer 2 more users

Brand Master

Unlock Inventory Automation

Automated Low Stock, Stock Out, Back in Stock badges for free

Level 3

Refer 2 more users

Sales Wizard

Free Store Audit

Get an expert e-commerce consultant to review your store design and give actionable feedback

Level 4

Refer 2 more users

Retail Rockstar

Custom Conversion Playbook

Custom designed conversion playbook by a Shopify Expert worth $300

Level 5

Refer 3 more users

God of Retail

Custom Widget

Get automated theme widgets customized for your store to highlight trending products/customer reviews

All you need to do get started:

  • Click on the Unlock Rewards button at the top left hand side of the app screen:

  • Enter the email ID for the store user whom you wish to refer:

Once you enter the details, the user will get an email to sign up on ModeMagic- once they install the app on their store, the benefits will get added to your account instantly!

If you have any doubts or are facing any issues with this, write to [email protected]

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