There are two ways to do this-

  • The old way: Manually identifying the most-sold/most-viewed products on the store and applying badges to products

  • The smart way: Setting up the Trending Automation rule and letting ModeMagic do the hard work!

    Yes- ModeMagic's trending automation rule will identify the most selling products on your store and add badges automatically- all you need to do is the following steps:

    1) Go to the Automation tab at the bottom left-hand side of the app screen

    2) Scroll down in the list and go to

    Here you can set the date range within which you want to identify the products that are most sold- the options are between 7/15/30 days

    3) Next up is selecting the badges that you wish to have up on these products- just hover over the default badge and you'll find an option to choose a badge

    4) Once you've chosen the Trending badge: click on the >> button next to Trending and select the badge you wish to have when these products go low on stock or out of stock

5) Once the badges have been chosen, just hit the Update Store button at the bottom right hand side of the app, and you're job is done!

Trending products will get identified every 30 mins from your store and badges will get applied, making it easier for customers to identify your hottest selling products!

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