How can I schedule an Automation?

Learn about scheduling an automation

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The scheduling option in Mode Magic allows you to activate badges automatically on particular products for a pre-defined period of time.

At the moment, scheduling is available for Clearance Sale, Slow Movers Coupon Sale, Discount Sale, Update Products With Tag, and On-Sale automation rules.

  1. Select any of the above Automations that you wish to set badges up on autopilot for a scheduled period.

  2. In order to schedule it, click on the Scheduler icon below badge placement as seen on the right-hand panel of the respective automation. This will open the Calendar icon

  3. Add the Start Date, Start Time, End Date, and End Time in the Calendar

  4. Once everything is set, click on Activate in the bottom right corner of the screen. When the scheduled end date and time are reached, the badges will be automatically deactivated from your store.

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