When we first started the app, a lot of merchants asked us if we could have credit packs that are friendly for both large-catalog and small-catalog teams :)

We heard you, and we have both.

Pay-As-You-Go Packs:

The Basic and Standard packs are Pay as you go. It means, both packs are one time purchases - more like top-up plans. You buy them once, and whenever you need more credits you top up with another credit pack. These two packs do not get renewed every month - neither do the credits you buy, expire. Ever.

Subscription Pack:

The last pack is a monthly subscription pack - gets renewed every month, yes. BUT it gives you UNLIMITED mileage. You do not have to worry about credits - you have unlimited credits and can update all your products with badges as many times as you want to.

Check out our credits packs 👇

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