1. Upload custom stickers to make your own

The “Make custom sticker” feature is now more powerful. You can now upload your own custom sticker files (.jpeg or .png). This highly requested update gives you full control over the brand style and theme; all the way to your stickers.

Find this option in the “Make custom sticker” tab in the top right corner.

Formats supported: .jpeg and .png for now. More formats will be added soon.

2. Removing stickers is now easier.

Active stickers in your store are now shown directly in the list of products. Simply click “Remove active sticker” to begin.

Please note this removes sticker only for the selected product image. Your product image and catalog will be updated after you confirm sticker removal.

That’s all for this week. We’ve received great feedback from our customers, and some pretty cool features are coming soon! We will keep you updated.

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