Easy Browsing with Sticker Categories

Find the Right Label, Find it Faster

Product labels have now been been organized into categories like Sales/New Arrivals/Trending so that you can quickly browse through the sticker library and find exactly what you need! These can be found at the bottom of the Preview Panel.

Enhanced Loading Experience

Better Previews = Quick Decisions!

In the previous version, after selecting the product image, the user would see a blank spinner, then a black screen with a spinner again and then finally the preview. With the latest update, the user will immediately see the current selected product image which will then transition directly to the final preview.

Making Help Easy to Access

Questions? We're Just a Click Away!

A new Get Help button with a drop down list has now been added. You can easily find options to Chat With Us, got to the ModeMagic Help Centre and Watch a Short Tutorial with this button. You can find it in the top toolbar next to the Update Store button.

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