How can I uninstall ModeMagic?

Steps to install/remove the ModeMagic app from your e-commerce platform Store

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Note: If badges have been added to your store using the Burn Mode, then please remove the badges from your store before uninstalling the app. If the badges have been applied using the Overlay Mode, the badges will be removed automatically once the app has been uninstalled.

Follow these steps to uninstall ModeMagic:

  1. On your relevant e-commerce platform's Admin page, click on Apps from the left side panel. 

  2. This would show you a list of all the apps currently installed for your store.

  3. Navigate to ModeMagic and select the Delete option. 

ModeMagic would be uninstalled from your store. 

For Help Videos, visit our Youtube Channel

If the badges are not removed after uninstalling the app, please ping us in the in-app Help chat or write to us at [email protected]

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