ModeMagic offers an extensive collection of product labels designed by Shopify experts.

Every product label is made for a different reason and to help you achieve different goals. We have named our product labels in a simple way to help you understand which sales strategy they are the best suited for.

Here are the product labels we currently have:

  • New arrivals

  • Holiday

  • Flash sale

  • Limited edition

  • Hard to find

  • Deal of the day

  • Limited time offer

  • Almost gone / Only X left

  • Out of stock

  • Bestseller

  • Staff pick

  • As seen on

  • Back in stock

  • Pre-order

  • Clearance

  • Save $ / Save %

  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday (BFCM)

  • Doorbuster

  • BOGO

  • Free shipping

  • Bulk discount

  • Add on badges

  • Wholesale

  • Members-only

  • Exclusive

In case you do not find a product label that matches your need or need help choosing one, please reach out to us for support on [email protected].

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